About district energy


District energy systems are networks of underground insulated pipes that pump hot or cold water to multiple buildings in a district, neighborhood, or city, supplying them with heating, domestic hot water and cooling. These systems create synergies between demand and production at generation plants, which can be integrated with waste heat from other industries. This enables energy networks that provide low-carbon and energy-efficient heating and cooling, maximizing local renewable resources.

National Office:

National District Energy Office (NDEO)

The NDEO provides technical support to enhance the capacity of local governments and private companies to develop and procure efficient and sustainable energy, promoting local low-emission projects and climate-resilient energy transition while reducing cities’ air pollution.

District Energy

Pilot projects

Multiple district energy projects are being promoted within the national territory to implement the first round of demonstrative projects, driven by national commitments, the Ministry of Energy guidance, and the technical support of the NDEO.