Driven by the Ministry of Energy and AgenciaSE through NDEO, the development of multiple district energy projects is being promoted to be implemented within the national territory.


These projects have been studied and will be called for tender for their construction and operation:

Recoleta and Independencia (R+I)


The district heating and cooling project for two communes (Recoleta and Independencia) in the Metropolitan Region, Chile, will supply heating, domestic hot water, and cooling to 13 public buildings in the communes, mainly hospitals, psychiatric institutions, universities, and municipal buildings.


The project connects to three main clients, which are:


  • Metropolitan North Health Service
  • Roberto del Río Hospital
  • San José Hospital
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Dr. José Horwitz Barak Psychiatric Institute
  • University of Chile
  • Faculty of Medicine UChile
  • Clinical Hospital UChile
  • Psychiatric Clinic UChile
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy UChile
  • Dentistry Administration UChile
  • Dentistry Laboratory UChile
  • Dentistry Clinic UChile
  • Municipality of Independencia
  • Independencia Library
  • Independencia Town Hall



The Talca district climate control project, in the Maule Region, Chile, will supply heating, domestic hot water, and cooling to apartments in a future urban plan. Additionally, the project considers the connection of a building in the Regional Hospital, and the possibility of expansion to a future urban development in the sector, a school, a health center, and day-care centers.





District energy project in Escuela Agrícola sector in the city of Coyhaique, in the Aysén Region, will supply heating and domestic hot water to 8 public buildings and 90 houses.



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