National Office District Energy (NDEO)

The National District Energy Office (NDEO) operates under the sponsorship of the Global Environmental Facility. It is executed by the Sustainable Energy Agency (AgenciaSE), working in conjunction with the Directorate of the District Heating Unit of the Ministry of Energy of Chile. It receives technical support from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its global District Energy Initiative in Cities ecosystem. The NDEO’s mission is to offer technical support to bolster the capabilities of local governments and private developers in promoting and commercializing efficient and sustainable energy solutions. By facilitating local and global low-emission projects, the NDEO plays a pivotal role in assisting the country in city decontamination efforts and transitioning to a climate-resilient energy landscape.

Clement Dumons GEF 7 Director


Head of the Local Infrastructure and Buildings line, AgenciaSE

Felipe Mellado GEF 7 Director


District Energy Analyst, Geothermal and District Energy Unit, Ministry of Energy

Pilar Lapuente GEF 7 Project Manager



Carolina Riobó GEF 7 Senior Engineer



Nicolas Hurtado GEF 7 Senior Engineer



GEF 7 Program to boost projects

Chile is currently implementing the program “Accelerating Investment in Efficient and Renewable District Energy Systems in Chile,” which is financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) under its 7th version, with a focal area on Climate Change. This program, spanning from 2020 to 2025, aims to demonstrate the feasibility of district energy projects in Chile that are highly efficient and low carbon, supporting the country in its energy transition and efforts towards city decontamination.

  • Executor: Ministry of Energy.
  • Co-executor: Ministry of the Environment
  • Implementing Agency and Technical Support: UNEP
  • Executing Agency: Sustainable Energy Agency (Agencia de Sostenibilidad Energética, AgenciaSE)

The context that led the country to promote the program responds to addressing four previously identified barriers:

  • Lack of institutionality
  • Alto riesgo financieroHigh financial risk
  • Lack of key regulatory framework
  • Need to improve technical capacity

of the program

The program contents respond, in respective order, to the previously identified barriers, in the form of four components:

Support for district energy projects

The AgenciaSE, within the framework of the GEF, launched the Call for support for district energy projects in December 2020, where 14 projects were advised technically, economically, environmentally, regulatory and commercially. 3 of these projects are being supported for implementation.